Do you see clouds around your head when someone talks about cloud computing? Here is a quick overview of the cloud and some facts that you should know.

First of all, Cloud Computing is not new. This term was coined in 1996 by Sean O’Sullivan and George Favaloro. Since the world was new towards the internet and no one else expected that data will grow exponentially, we saw the idea in move around 2000.

What is Cloud

If I need to summarize the basic need for cloud adoption is to make the system capable of handling random high traffic on the application; and…

Are you planning to move back to India? Here is the guide to help.

NRI community who are settled in the various parts of the globe have this intimidating thought always back in their mind.

  • Should we think of moving back to home country?
  • Is it worth after staying so long away from the country and the people?
  • How the transition going to be if we decide to go back?
  • Are we going to get well earning job after we move back?
  • Can I think of exploring the business?
  • How my kids going to adjust with the different education system?

If you are in India, you must be familiar what I am trying to talk about. Situation is not hidden from any one across the globe. Where all the external and internal powers are trying to raise the funds and help people in need, in order to deal with the situation in India and help people come back to their home safely and not die due to scarcity of oxygen support and medical equipment, there is something people can do to save themselves.

Here is this blog for your awareness so you can learn more about the concerning situation rising…

Are you planning to start learning cloud computing? Do you have AWS in your mind? Are you looking for the AWS tutorial for beginners? What should be the first step of your AWS journey?

Answer is, setting up AWS Console and make your hands dirty with the free tier that AWS provides. Hang tight with me till the end, let me take you through all the required steps you need to know as a beginner.

Let’s take the first stab at it, I have simplified the first few steps for you, and here is the video tutorial -

How to access AWS ?


EducationTatva has been a technical education platform but for the first time, I am writing a non-technical post but it’s very useful and informative in such a pandemic situation. I strongly feel that I should share my experience with the world in whatever way possible.

The day I am writing about this story the number has crossed 15.5 Million, and the future is still very scary. No concrete news about the vaccine and no one talks about sure and shot diagnosis of this life-critical disease. Below is the quick screenshot from Wikipedia.

What is 12-Factors?

  • It is a methodology of best practices, and can be used by any developer for making or scaling the application Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app.
  • It can be applied to development of any app or microservice.
  • This methodology is language independent.
  • It is independent of platforms with respect to in-premises or cloud.

1. Single Codebase

(Manage under single codebase and many deployments)

  • For any app/microservice, there should be one and only one codebase.
  • Each developer in the team can have the same code base in their local machine but it should belong to one common root.
  • No 2 Apps should share the same code base…

This story is in a sequence of my other story posted earlier, below is the link if you need to set up your java environment and need to know the basics of programming

Friends, be ready to learn something new today. Today we will discuss more the basics in java like variables and methods but prior to that let’s solve the myth of Class and Objects. Get a cup of coffee and relax, we will solve this together.

When I started learning java I was highly confused with Class and Objects and how they are linked to each other as…

Let’s understand these terms with a scenario — we have image processing applications running on one computer and worked well for limited requests. when volume increased it started showing performance issues. To avoid the performance issue, we have added more RAM to the computer -basically performed vertical scaling. One day system crashed due to workload! To avoid this issue, we have added a few more computers/CPUs to share the workload and increase the performance — performed the Horizontal scaling.

To extend Horizontal scaling — What if we have a robust and fault-tolerance environment where compute will be distributed — So…

It’s the right place to start learning Java or your very first programming language.


Before I jump to the topic I would like to introduce a few points about me and the outcome you gonna get out of these series of courses.

My name is Anil and I worked for 12 years in the IT industry starting from giant e-commerce to a couple of best MNCs in India. I started my career as Oracle Developer and tried my luck on Java, IoT, Python, Node, and now the coolest Flutter. I have a fairly good experience working on cloud platforms like…

  1. Feeling like trapped in side four walls.
  2. Craving to go out but can not.
  3. Feeling alone.
  4. Missing your a daily routine.
  5. Wishing to go for happy hour or for a drink.

If you are feeling anxious during this lockdown, and having any thought like listed above, don’t worry you are not alone!

There are many of us whose harmones are leaving us with mixed feelings and emotions. Here are some tips which may help you to reduce the anxiety.

If you are fortunate enough to be with the family, enjoy as family. You may try followings:

  1. Watching a movie together.


Community of technology freaks decided to serve back to the community.

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